6.2 Deliverables [Progress/Annual/Interim/Monthly Technical Reports]

Policy No: RESEARCH 6.2  
Type of Policy: Administrative
Effective Date: September 2013    
Last Revised: September 2013

Policy Owner: OSP
Policy Contact: Duane Hutchison, Director of Sponsored Programs, Duane.Hutchison@osp.gatech.edu

1. Policy Statement

It is Georgia Tech’s policy to meet all contractual obligations of a sponsored project.  It is the responsibility of the PD/PI to submit to the sponsor, all technical reports, final reports and any other deliverables that may be required under the sponsored agreement.

Deliverables must be submitted to OSP on-line via WebWise.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Georgia Tech faculty and staff members.

3. Procedures

3.1 Deliverable Submission
Online Submission Deliverables must be submitted to OSP on-line via WebWise under the project deliverables tab. Submissions are updated immediately by the system and may be viewed on line.


3.2 Training Tutorials
Deliverable Submission:
  • Distributions made by the lab/school/center or via a 3rd party system directly to the sponsor must still be submitted via WebWise. Please upload the document as well as any proof of submission.
  • In the comments section, please note mm/dd/yy of submission, how it was originally sent and OSP will back date the item for you providing you submit proof of submission.
  • Publication Restricted field may be used for export control and ITAR controlled items

4. Related Information

Resource Link
WebWise https://webwise.gtri.gatech.edu/osp/sitemap
OSP Online Training http://training.osp.gatech.edu/online-training/

5. Policy History

Revision Date Author Description
1-2-2014 OSP Rev 1.0