6.1 Intellectual Property and Licensing

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Policy No: RESEARCH 6.1  
Type of Policy: Administrative
Effective Date: May 2013​    
Last Revised: May 2013​

Policy Owner: GTRC-IE
Policy Contact: Kevin Wozniak, Executive Director, kevin.wozniak@gtrc.gatech.edu

1. Policy Statement

Commercializing your innovation begins with an initial disclosure to the Office of Industry Engagement. Through this process, Industry Engagement can record the innovation, determine what form of intellectual property is involved and any sponsor rights, establish accurate inventorship and ownership interests in the innovation, and determine through various means of evaluation whether the innovation has commercial potential. Innovations should be reported to the Office of Industry Engagement as early as possible in the discovery process to ensure protection of intellectual property and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the options available in commercializing your research.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff.

3. Related Information

Resource Link
Industry Engagment http://www.industry.gatech.edu/

4. Policy History

Revision Date Author Description
12-31-2013 GTRC-IE Rev 1.0