4.2.5 Foreign Sponsor Payments

Policy No: RESEARCH 4.2.5  
Type of Policy: Administrative
Effective Date: April 2013    
Last Revised: April 2013

Policy Owner: OSP
Policy Contact: Duane Hutchison, Executive Director, duane.hutchison@osp.gatech.edu

1. Policy Statement

Exchange Rate Consideration

The exchange rate is the price of one currency expressed in terms of another currency. For example, as of the November 2009, the exchange rate of one U.S. dollar for one Euro was approximately 0.67, which means that one dollar can be exchanged for 0.67 euros. Fluctuation in exchange rates have significant affects on the payments for sponsored research projects. All GA Tech units should be aware of the risks, including potential loss of dollars, involved in agreements containing payment terms in foreign currency.

Payment Terms for Foreign Sponsors

OSP generally requires at least 50% advance payment from all foreign sponsors. To eliminate the risk associated with exchange rates, OSP establishes the agreement amount and payment terms in U.S. dollars. If the sponsor will not agree to establish the agreement’s price and payment terms in U.S. dollars, OSP will try to reduce the risk associated with exchange rates by requiring payment in full upon execution of the agreement or as much advance payment as can be mutually agreed upon. If the sponsor will not agree to advance payments, OSP will require a memo signed by the School Chair stating that they understand the ramifications associated with payments made in a foreign currency, and the School will be responsible for any cost over-runs associated with foreign currency fluctuations.


The PI should prepare a budget in U.S. dollars and the currency of the foreign sponsor. OSP will process the budget for the Agreement in U.S. dollars at the time an award is processed based on the current exchange rate. Grants & Contracts will notify the PI and OSP of the payment amount received to adjust the budget as necessary. The PI’s School will be responsible for any shortfalls in the awarded amount due to fluctuations in the currency’s exchange rate. Therefore, the PI should stay abreast of the affect the exchange rate will have on the budget throughout the life of the research project.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all Georgia Tech Faculty and Staff.

3. Policy History

Revision Date Author Description
01-02-2014 OSP Rev 1.0